Clean Skies, happy eyes

The picture below is of elderly Khanty women in Numsang Yoh nomad camp. They’re wearing traditional Khanty clothing and enjoying the sun. I found this image through, I went to the website where the image was posted and the website granted anyone permission to reuse this image.File:Khanty old women in Numsang Yoh.jpg

Kazanskaya I. (2007 August 25). Khanty old women in Numsang Yoh nomad camp,                              Khanty-Mansia, Russia 2006 September 14 [Photograph] Retrieved From                

I had a difficult time finding pictures of factories in Siberia, but here’s some sort of factory in Dolgoprudny, Russia. Air pollution is a serious issue in Russia and for it’s indigenous people. I also found this image on creative commons, permission to use this image was given to anyone who wanted to use it.

File:Industry in Dolgoprudny, Russia.jpg

Vladmir, M. (2007 August 5). Industry in Dolgoprudny, Russia. 2012 [Photograph]                                  Retrieved from,_Russia.jpg


The last image here is of some Khanty children with their reindeer and sleigh near Lake Numto. Reindeer and Lake Numto are very important for the Khanty’s way of life and in danger because of constant stress on the environment from demands for oil and petroleum. This image was also found on creative commons.

File:Khanty children in front of a reindeer sledge.jpg

Kazanskaya I. (2006 March 31). Khanty children pose for the camera in front of a                                      reindeer sledge near Lake Numto, Khantia-Mansia, Russia 2006                                                [Photograph] Retrieved from                                                                


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