Air Pollution, Suicide, Alcoholism, Oh My.

The Khanty face an issue that isn’t uncommon to the rest of the world: Pollution. This article here talks about the environmental issue that not only the Khanty face, but the rest of Russia. Russia faces environmental issues from severe air pollution to radioactive contamination and with an economy so heavily based on energy intensive industries the government focuses less on environmental protection. Hopefully with the push for renewable energy, Russia will be able to pay equal attention to its’ environment and growth of it’s economy.

US Energy Information Administration (May 2004). Russia Environmental Issues                 Retrieved from       Research/Russia_%20Environmental%20Issues.pdf

This was posted in May 2004 and I feel as though it’s still extremely relevant. We’ve been dealing with these types of issues for a really long time and I think it’s important to realize that environmental issues aren’t new concepts.

The article was posted by the US Energy Information Administration, I found this article to be very factual and informative. I didn’t sense any bias or any questionable evidence, it was a well rounded article providing valid information. The authors did well with identifying which groups were being discussed and identifying the issues they’re dealing with.

The article here talks about health issues that indigenous circumpolar population. Health issues that arise range from cancer to cardiovascular and metabolic disease. The Khanty specifically deal with high infant mortality rates, infectious disease, alcoholism, suicide, and violence.

Snodgrass, J. Josh (2013 August 19). Health of Indigenous Circumpolar People.            

This article was published by Josh Snodgrass, he has a PhD in Anthropology and is a professor at the University of Oregon. This was published in 2013 and is one of the more recent articles published regarding the health of indigenous peoples.

I found this article to be very factual and information as well, there doesn’t seem to be any hidden agenda to prove that indigenous people are inferior to people in more modern areas. The author did really well when it came to identifying specific groups and health issues.


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