A day in the life of the Khanty

The Khanty people of Siberia have a unique culture that has survived not only the test of time but also persecution by the Soviet Regime. Unfortunately the Khanty have yet another obstacle to over come: Oil Companies and their lack of respect for the people and the land they’re drilling into.

The average day for the Khanty people includes tasks such as fishing, hunting, and tending to the reindeer. Some Khanty still live semi-nomadic lifestyles and migrate in the Spring and Fall with their reindeer. Here is a video titled, “KHANTY PEOPLE. WEST SIBERIA. Years 1983-1990. Handid. Lääne-Siber.” Updated and published in December of 2016, this video is approximately 14 minutes long and documents the life of the Khanty a few years before any oil companies moved onto their land. There’s no commentary just the Khanty going about their days. The two men who recorded the video and took pictures were working in the area (building roads I believe) and documented the people they encountered. (Category: Travel & Events/License: Standard YouTube License)

Unlike the video above which gave a glimpse into the life of the Khanty before oil companies took over their land, the video here titled “100 Years of destruction,” is of a man describing the damage done to his land and people. The video was published on the YouTube channel “GreenpeaceVideo” in September of 2013. This channel posts videos to inform people of the damage being done to the earth and sometimes people. (Category: Travel & Events/License: Standard YouTube License)

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